Rejection is Redirection

Rejection is Redirection

I can honestly say there aren't many things in this life that I'm afraid of. I would actually consider myself to be somewhat of the daredevil, adventurous, "walk by faith and not by sight" type... for the most part. However, as I've gotten older and experienced more of life, I have developed a fear of rejection. It's sad, but true. While I don't think anyone enjoys being told no or feeling unwanted, it's something that I've learned to be afraid of. I say "learned" for a few reasons... 1.) because I know God has not given me the spirit of fear, so it's something I've picked up along the way and 2.) because I have a track record (from my childhood probably until college) of taking risks without fear or sometimes even regard for the outcome. I guess my child-like faith disappeared when I became an adult. Maybe that's where my mustard seed faith was supposed to kick in, where that innocent faith left off, but it didn't. Well not fully at least. 

I imagine most people have experienced rejection in one way or another and the harsh reality is that it doesn't feel good. It actually sucks... or does it? The more time I've spent contemplating the topic and praying for acceptance, the more I began to realize that rejection isn't at all something we should fear. It might sound crazy, but it's actually something we should embrace. Sounds crazy, right? I thought the same thing until I started to think about the benefits of being told no or being made to feel unwanted or dejected. That's when I had the epiphany. Rejection is actually redirection! It's God's way of allowing us to have free-will and make our own choices, while gently steering us down a path that is aligned with His will for our lives.

It sounds a little confusing, I know. Think about it this way, some times when we're driving, we often take wrong turns or miss our exit, but it's like when Waze (the navigation app) says recalculating route. You don't just turn the car off and forget about your destination, you allow the one giving directions to guide you down a different path, but to where you needed to be. The same way we believe delays often happen to keep us from danger, we should think of rejection in the same way. I can't tell you how many bullets I've dodged because of rejection (this is all in hindsight of course). Sometimes going the long way or a different way than what we planned actually saves us time and in my case on a few occasions, from a broken heart (but that's a story for another day).

We make choices, some good and some not so good (I intentionally didn't use the word bad because I don't believe we can make bad choices.) When things don't work the way we thought or the way we wanted, there's still the benefit of the lesson learned (hopefully), so it's still good. Think Romans 8:28. I believe when we're told no, it's an opportunity to experience God's best for our lives. While hearing and feeling that small, two letter word is difficult, I often remind myself of what it says in Psalm 84:11b, "...The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right." So if for some reason something or someone leaves my life or doesn't want to be apart of it, it wasn't good for me and I'm better off without it or them. When you realize that rejection is actually taking you where God wants you to go instead of where you think you should be, life instantly gets a little easier. 


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